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The Financial Services Industry in Malaysia has under transformation stage with promise conversion of distribution industry opportunity. Therefore, Harveston has built a distinctive business model of an INDEPENDENT and HOLISTIC approach of model the industry in personal, family and business wealth management. The total wealth planning practice model is currently leading the industry.


Why Choose Harveston


Independent Advice

  1. Our advice is based on clients’ needs
  2. Fees-based advisory allow adviser to give the best advice to client
  3. We are unbiased to any products or business partners


Customised and Integrated Solution

  1. We implement customized solutions at the different stages of our clients’ lives.
  2. We provide integrated multiple solutions to achieve our clients’ financial objectives.
  3. We represent our clients’ interests to seek the most suitable solutions.



  1. Our advisers are qualified and well trained in all aspects of Wealth Management Services via our in-house structure practise management training programme
  2. We uphold our practice standard by benchmarking the industry best practice
  3. Latest market outlook and financial update


Team-Based Approach

  1. We have a pool of expertise in various areas of Wealth Management Services to provide technical support
  2. We have a series of Marketing and Activities to allow adviser to approach prospect or stay in touch with clients
  3. We have centralised operation and adviser portal system to facilitate daily administration operation