Harvesting Future Wealth

This article first appeared in Smart Investor – Special Focus, on November 2018. 

The Harveston Financial Group of Companies’ teamwork and The Harveston Financial Group of Companies’ teamwork and advisory training bring a breath of fresh air to the industry.

Together, Derick KK Tan,Together, Derick KK Tan,Director and CEO of Harveston, who alsoserves as President of the Association of Financial Advisers Malaysia, and Phang Kar Yew, Harveston Executive Director and Head of Investment Services, bring more than 20 years of experiencein the financial services industry to the table.

“We provide our wealth managements services to individuals and families as well as businesses and corporate clients, and we are committed to fully representing our clients’ needs throughout their financial life cycle, from wealth accumulation to protection, preservation and distribution,” says Tan.

“This applies to enterprises as well, from the start up/introduction stage, to the growth and expansion phases all the way to maturity. While we cater primarily forsmall and medium size enterprises, though our clientele include larger family-owned businesses and locally listed companies as well,” elaborates Phang.

Established in 2009, the Harveston Financial Groupof Companies is approved by Bank Negara Malaysia as well as the Securities Commission Malaysia. Drawing its name from its vision of facilitating clients in harvesting the fruit of their wealth, the firm operates independently to ensure the objectivity of its advisory services.

As a testament to Harveton’s rigorous standards and quality control, it has taken home numerous accolades and awards from both domestic and international associations, with recognition at Wealth & Finance UK’sWealth & Money Management Awards 2018 in the Family Wealth Management Expert of the Year category Family Wealth Management Expert of the Year categoryas its latest achievement.

“We are grateful for Wealth & Finance’s recognitionof our efforts, and I believe this comes as a result of our holistic approach to the market as well as Harveston’spositioning as a preferred wealth management adviser. We aim to do well in the market, of course, but our first priority is to do and be the best for our clients and partners. We truly believe that everyone deserves to livewell, and so everyone should plan their wealth,” says Tan.

Harveston’s financial advisers are supported by an operations team comprising 12 staff, enhancing customer service and value for clients. As a certified financial planning agency, the organisation as a whole is conceptualised as a “personal service team”.

Moving towards digitalisation

“Our financial advisers come from different backgrounds,including non-insurance fields, investment, finance,corporate and accounting fields and more. In addition toquality assurance processes for our services, Harveston also invests substantially into the training processes foralso invests substantially into the training processes for advisers, so that we can establish long-term, sustainable relationships with our clients,” says Phang.

Financial advisers must constantly Financial advisers must constantly upskill themselves to stay relevant,including arranging for studies abroad and attending conferences and workshops in order to keep up-to-date with the latest developments on wealth management both at home and overseas,towards providing the most optimal and efficient solutions for their clients.

In addition, Harveston hasmoved towards digitalisation,developing a financial planning platform to deliver consulting services to both individuals and households, inline with statutory requirements and regulations. Dubbed e-Total Wealth Planning (eTWP), advisers can leverage on the platform to seamless manage and retrieve records, delivering comprehensive executive summaries to their clients.

“We are planning to introduce eTWP’s mobile ande-signature functionality next year, depending on the readiness of infrastructure and support elements.While we leverage on emerging fintech innovations to strengthen our services and improve efficiency, our most important priority is that our financial advisers listen to and understand their clients, only then formulating effective financial advice with the assistance of fintech,” concludes Phang.

Cross-industryCross-industry Collaborations

Aside from providing financial advisers with impactful training, a supportive operationsteam and digital solutions, the Harveston Financial Group of Companies also offers clients comprehensive advisory services onan ongoing review basis to ensure clients’wealth management needs are addressed effectively and in relevant ways.

With high demand for corporate wealth management services needed by local SMEs, businesses and corporate companies,Harveston has started strong collaborations with local renowned accounting and legalfirms to offer comprehensive corporate wealth management services.

“These professional firms choose to work closely with us not through simple referrals,but to mutually manage clients’ wealth management needs together holistically. Together, we add more value in servicing clients,” says Harveston Director and CEO Derick KK Tan.

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